Fireplace Maintenance is just as important as your Furnace maintenance for various reasons. The most important is Safety, Fireplaces can be very dangerous if they are not working properly, and an annual maintenance by a licensed Contractor will be able to detect any safety issues while they are doing the Cleaning allowing you to enjoy a safe and warm fireplace every heating season.

Annual maintenances will include tuning the fireplace up, cleaning the glass, touching up any worn Paint in the burner box and get all the dust and debris that accumulates throughout the year. Fireplace  maintenance / cleaning can save you a bundle in wasted Gas/Propane consumption during the course of an average heating season & generally costs less than a Furnace Maintenance.

If the time comes when you are in need of a repair, please look at some of our blogs and articles for useful tips that might save you the expense of a service call. Our Technicians are highly trained with all makes and models of fireplaces so if you still cannot get it going call us and we will be happy to help.

Gas fireplace maintenance
Foggy gas fireplace glass