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At Ardent Heating and Air Conditioning, we have noticed a trend in the heating and air conditioning industry when it comes to furnace repair in Barrie. Not all homeowners are realizing the importance of annual maintenance / tune ups until it’s too late!

Why Do You Need a Furnace Tune Up?

Many furnace & air conditioner repairs that we have completed this year alone, could have been prevented had the homeowner decided to have regular furnace maintenance completed.

Furnaces and air conditioners are no different than your vehicle; if you don’t change the oil and tune it up then it’s going to shorten the lifespan of the vehicle. The chance of it dying out on the side of the road is going to be greatly increased. The problem is that now you have to pay for the tow truck, take time off work, and pay for the repairs that were caused by not having regular vehicle maintenance completed in the first place!

Furnace maintenance and repair in BarrieThe same thing happens with your furnace, you may be lucky and get away with it for a period of time but eventually it will catch up with you. Barrie is a city of extreme weather, you don’t want to your home heating or cooling system to stop working when you need it the most!

What Technicians Can Do

A lot of repairs can be expensive because of multiple issues or costly parts that are prone to damage. That’s where regular maintenance can help. Technicians can do a safety check for any gas or carbon monoxide leaks, clean your system and check your furnace is working at its optimum level. It can save a lot of money in the long run to have a furnace or an air conditioner tune up in your yearly budget for your home, and make a habit of it.

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Furnace Repair & Maintenance in Barrie

air filters for your furnace maintenanceEvery year, hire a licensed professional to test your furnace and conduct an inspection to check for wear, damage, and possible carbon monoxide leaks, as well as to lubricate parts and ensure that  safety mechanisms operate properly. Annual tune-ups typically run anywhere from $50-100, but they can reduce your heating costs by as much as 5%, and more importantly, help guard your family against exposure to deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Here are some steps you can take to help ensure your safety, keep your furnace in good repair, and save you money along the way.

  1. Change your filters once a month, or clean your reusable filters every other month. A dirty filter decreases the airflow and prevents the system from working efficiently, results in higher heating bills, and can cause possible damage to the motor. More than half of furnace service calls are caused by ordinary dust and dirt clogging up vital components.
  2. Purchase and install a carbon monoxide alarm near your furnace, or better yet, in several locations around your house. Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and colorless, so you can’t detect its presence on your own. If you already have a carbon monoxide alarm, and it is more than 5 years old, replace your existing alarm with a new, improved model. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Underwriter’s Laboratories, has advanced the standard for reliability of these detectors since 1999.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat. By automating your heating system, you can set it and forget it for long periods, and help save energy by not heating your home when you’re away.
  4. Check your interior heating vents to ensure that they are not obstructed in any way. You’ll promote more even heat flow throughout the house, and save energy.
  5. Don’t forget the outdoor exhaust vents. In winter, keep snow and ice away from the outdoor intake and exhaust vents. If those vents become blocked, dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can back up into the house, and the furnace could shut down.

Replacing Furnace Filters

Not all filters are created equal. When selecting your filters, you may be tempted to buy the least expensive one to save some money. If you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments, you’ll be much better off purchasing a higher quality filter.

Here are the three common types of furnace filter:

  • Disposable fiberglass filters are certainly the cheapest, but they’re also the least effective. They block only the largest particulates to protect your furnace. Smaller particles, like pollen and mold, sail right through, and can make sensitive individuals miserable.
  • Washable electrostatic filters contain a static charge that attracts dust, dirt, and other matter. These filters are more effective than disposable models, but still screen out only 15-20% of airborne particles. They can also be a chore to clean.
  • 4-5 inch Pleated filters use a more dense mesh material to trap particles, further enhanced by a pleated design to increase the surface area. This helps eliminate large allergens like pollen and mold and more than doubles the efficiency of cheaper models. While they are more expensive per filter, they are designed to last 3 times longer, so you can replace them less often.

Ardent Canada Services all Furnace Filter Makes
in the Barrie area:

  • Lennox
  • York
  • Carrier
  • Bryant
  • Keepright
  • Goodman
  • Trane
  • Amana
  • Tempstar
  • Coleman
  • Heil